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Are you fed up with your dog looking like Alice Cooper?

misty before using Angels delight dog tear stain remover

Misty before

Dont worry help is at hand

Too many dogs and cats unnecessarily endure tear stains. For the majority these stains are cosmetic, for the minority they might lead to a degree of discomfort.

Bichon Hotel have dedicated many hours to researching the causes of staining and looking for solutions in an attempt to make your loved ones look as beautiful as nature intended. 

The earliest tear stain removers relied upon antibiotics such as Tylosin Tartrate. They were extremely popular in a time when the dangers of antibiotic abuse were less well understood.

In 2008 we promoted the first British natural tear stain supplement- Angels Delight.  Customers were happy with the results but it was too expensive for larger dog breeds such as Bull Dogs and St.Bernards.

Following customer requests to find an affordable alternative, we are happy to announce that following extensive customer trials we can now offer you the NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement.

Now all dogs owners can look forward to banishing those rusty red tear and beard stains without relying on antibiotics.

NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement was developed by vets and uses natural plant extracts to control the bacteria responsible for the tear staining and improve the immune system

Hopefully not only can your loved one be tear stain free but generally healthier.

We have been so impressed by NaturVet’s committment to finding natural solutions to age old problems that we are now carrying many of their natural dog and cat products. Dealing with diverse issues such as grass urine burn and cat fur balls.

misty after using angels delight tear stain remover

Misty after

Possibly the best natural dog and cat tear stain remover.

Used and trusted by Crufts winners and leading breaders around the globe.

Available as a convinient powdered food supplement to prevent tear staining or you can use it with our topical tear stain remover paste to speed up the process.

Put the sparks back in your pets eyes and watch your angels glow

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